I am a qualified Holistic Voice Therapist, based in the Tyrone countryside, five miles east of Omagh. In the quiet space of my dedicated sound therapy room, I offer one-to-one treatments designed to relax the body and calm the mind, which can help improve health and wellbeing on many levels- physical, mental, and emotional. When we relax deeply, during and beyond the treatment, we can experience all kinds of health benefits, such as reduced stress, less pain and tension, and a more positive mood state.

As a community choir leader for the past twenty years, I am constantly reminded of the power of the voice to produce joy, healing and positive energy when we all sing together. My voice therapy training and practice has taught me how to focus that vocal power and energy in new ways, to help people individually. Read all about it on the 'Voice' page.

The Art and Labyrinth pages illustrate other areas that are important to me; all the different creative strands overlap in my work and play, weaving new patterns that continue to inspire and surprise. And speaking of, I have to confess to a serious crochet addiction which has engulfed my life recently, and even this webpage.